another new world

sometimes at night in my dreams comes the singing

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    Jul-Dr. House (I’m covered with medical) 14 - Jason Statham (baddassery all around) red - Iron Man Yeah we got dis guys.
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    Dr. Gregory House (OMG), Iron Man/Darth Vader, Will Smith …we gonna survive
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    Matt Romney, Sheldon Cooper :DD and Jack Sparrow :)
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    Nancy Botwin, Jackie Chan, and Gordon Freeman. Even without Chan, we’ve got Freeman here - we’re set for this...
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    Walter White, Sephiroth & Scarlett Johansson Ich fühl mich sicher..auch wenn ich traurig bin kein blaues T-Shirt...
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    Cal Lightman, IRON MAN...bad team…someone for strategy, someone for fighting, and someone...
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    Sheldon Cooper, Iron Man & Snoop Dogg. I got dis shit.
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    Dr. Cal Lightman, Natalie Portman, Batman.
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    May-Sheldon Cooper 26th-Eminem Black-Batman
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    Jack Sparrow, and Lebron James.
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    Sheldon Cooper, 50 Cent, and Captain Jack Sparrow.
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    Sheldon Cooper, Tom Brady, and Batman Well, I know who’s first to get infected! -coughtombradycough-
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    Excuse me person at the top of these post I believe we share a birthday and also have the same color shirt. My god, this...
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    Jack Bauer, Spiderman, Dave Grohl. I don’t know who two of them are but I got Piderman on my siiiiiide~
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    Dexter Morgan Scarlett Johansson Gordon Freeman I think I’m good
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    Ari Gold, Snoop Dogg, and Darth Vader. At least I got Vader on my side.
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    Walter White, Louis CK, and Batman. I dunno who the first two are, but I’m set with Batman alone, I think.
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    Tyrion, Bruce Willis, batman. Yuss
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    Walter White, Kim Kardashian, and Batman. It’s gonna be fun to watch Ms. Kardashian get devoured by zombies while...
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    Walter White (Breaking Bad), Doug Stanhope, and Darth Vader. I think I’m in pretty good hands here B]
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    Kenny Powers (…who??), Skrillex and Captain Jack Sparrow… interesting lol.
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    River Tam, Mike Tyson, and Darth Vader. Pretty good team right there.
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    Dexter, Vin Diesel and the Hulk. Not too shabby.
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    Dexter Morgan, Tom Brady, and either Superman or Spiderman, my shirt is fuchsia, which is a pinky-purple. I’ll choose...
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    Nancy Botwin, so at least I’ll be high when...die. Tom Brady. AND FUCKING BENDER. JUST...
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    Olivia Benson, Superman, and Barrack Obama. My fellow Americans, I believe, I am golden.
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    Ari Gold, Snooki,...Sephiroth… Alrighty then.
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    Sheldon Cooper, Batman,...Jon Stewart. Not sure if Sheldon would just be irritating or...
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    Big Bang’s Sheldon,...and Natalie Portman. Well,...a certain...
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    River Tam, The Incredible Hulk, and motherfucking Chuck Norris. I’m gonna be king of the freakin’ zombie wasteland!
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    Olivia Benson, Darth Vader, Bruce Willis Yes the only person I know in L&O SVU
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    Tyrion Lannister, Barack Obama, and Batman Suck it nerds, I’m gonna live!